Meet the Staff


Grace is our bar manager with a personality akin to that of an excitable puppy who has been reunited with its owner after a family holiday. Always in the mood for some banter from the other side of the bar, you can usually find her on shift singing Glee songs to herself (and whoever else is willing to listen).


Rob is a fun, friendly dude from Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. As a current swinny student, you can find Rob chilling in the bar having a drink with mates off the clock, or behind the bar pouring you a nice cold beer.


Our favourite punk-pop loving, coloured hair queen. It’s always a good time when Izzy’s on shift, whether it means fast-paced banter, themed playlists, or some mean drinks. However be warned. If you dare help yourself to the music lined up in the queue without consulting her, its over for you.


The most charming Frenchman you will ever meet, Enzo can whip you up a cocktail or two with a smile and a laugh. When he’s not working the bar he’s more than likely in the late lab, or cruising around Hawthorn on his motorbike.


Thomas is our friendly neighbourhood theatric, with quick-wit to put any H&S regular to the test. He can make you up a fierce cocktail and reach the top shelf of any cupboard with ease.


A familiar face to those who frequent the Corner Hotel in Richmond, Harrison can pour you a beer and chuck a garlic bread in the oven in no time at all. Not before juggling a pint glass for a little dinner and a show.